Through the Eyes of a Teacher

Recently I have felt a large degree of emotion.

Sentimental, excited, anxious, happy, afraid, content. You can relate I am sure.

The Dance Room continues to grow, and more individuals and couples are starting to make it a frequent activity in their weekly routine.

It has been many years since I have enjoyed dance through the fresh eyes of a student, but I can still taste that excitement of a whole new world. Every new piece of dance knowledge I learned, each new skill I developed in lessons, and each fun trick I picked up during dances was a previously undiscovered jewel I could store in my velvet bag of creativity. I miss it, but the joy of more mature discovery as an innovational dancer and teacher is its own reward. Years have passed and I am still being taught, dance is an art, a skill, and it keeps on giving!

As I have been blessed to share dance more with others in Harrisonburg, it has been exciting to see the visions we have for community being realized. But with the stigma surrounding dance, and art in general, we have a long way to go. But it is there, and I am excited to watch it grow!

I am also anxious, everyone gets this way at some point. It isn’t something to be ashamed about inside. It’s a God-given tool. As I was told by a great mentor. I look back at all we have done, in the face of the many obstacles we shouldn’t have overcome. Providentially, we were able to overcome. But what if the next obstacles are too great, what if our vision fails, and what if we don’t measure up? What if.

I am happy, because a thousand mile journey begins with a single step, and we have taken strides, things will be slow occasionally. And we have received boundless support from numerous wonderful individuals, and that reminds me along with my wife’s consistent encouragement, that I am not alone. Alone is something every person fears, dance helps us reconnect to our inner community driven soul. So I am happy, because people are being helped by what we do!

Fear still comes occasionally, and will continue to do so I am sure. But with new efforts we are making to link arms with the other dance organizations and build a united community, good things will come. Collaboration not competition right?

It is easy not to be content, Americans are driven by digital media and our work-a-day lives to never stop or else we drop behind. It’s a regressive look back to serfdom inspired by enlightenment materialism. And is fading bit-by-bit, it will kick up again, every cornered beast does as it dies. The promises of comfort and fulfillment in “stuff” and “wealth” will inevitably be seen as they are, empty. When that day comes, the true fulfilling life starts to dawn, “to work quietly and eat one’s own bread” “to dwell in the house of the Lord.” It’ll be beautiful. I am excited to be blessed to grow an environment that fosters a contented and fulfilling life for many individuals in this community.

Until next time friends!