Hello Spring, Hello Nights Downtown!

The Dance Room has been open for less than a month, and winter has been stubborn about letting the friendly city inhabitants enjoy the beautiful streets of downtown! April has rolled into town, bringing spring too!

As things continue getting warmer we are seeing more dancers come out on weekday and weekend evenings to spend time with us. We are really excited here to be adding two new team members to our cohort, and continuing to provide fun experiences for our dance family!

Coming in June we will be hosting a dance fair for the citizens of the friendly city to enjoy! They will be learning about not only the dance opportunities we are providing, but also the unique opportunities other talented dance organizations are providing to bring the community together in this lovely city! It will be awesome to see our different dance groups have other visionaries and professionals to connect with over the joy of dancing, and the unique challenges of a dance organization.

Collaboration will get more people dancing, and that is exactly what we all want to see! Next time you are downtown stop by and say hi! We’d love to get to know you!

Don’t forget to always check in with HDR to find out what other fun events are going on downtown! HDR is a wonderful organization committed to revitalizing our downtown district and more! Check out their website and learn more for yourself, and don’t miss our guest blog post coming soon! https://downtownharrisonburg.org/