Friendly City Student Testimonials

Knowing that you are receiving a quality experience when you connect to a Dance Room in our Collective is important.

Bill Wightman

“I asked Phillip to provide me with recommendations for fine tuning my part in a choreographed salsa dance piece that I was recently involved in for DwtS of the ‘Burg. Phillip was very deliberate with his feedback and he was clear when demonstrating several recommended suggestions as to how to improve my part in the dance. Throughout the hour-long session, he remained extremely supportive while stressing important things that I needed to work on, such as posture, breathing, and timing. I found working with Phillip to be highly productive and I would highly recommend his teaching methods for all levels of dancers.” — Bill Wightman, Professor of Art and Art Education at JMU. “Celebrity” dancer in the 2018 Dancing With The Stars of the ‘Burg.

Hal & Donna Baker


“Phillip Fusaro knows dance better than any instructors we’ve had in the past and is able to convey his knowledge and technique in a way that is easy to follow – and highly enjoyable.  Thanks Phil! ” —Hal and Donna Baker

Josh & Tabitha Lookabill


“My wife and I had danced a bit before going to Phillip’s Saturday Series at our church. We were both a little rusty, (maybe me more than her.) This was a great way to re-learn some dances we knew, as well as learn new ones.  Phillip is an excellent communicator and makes learning a lot of fun.  It is a low pressure, light, and fun atmosphere.  He has us focus on enjoying the time with your partner as you learn together. It is a great date night for us and is great for our marriage. I would highly recommend Phillip’s dance class.” — Joshua Lookabill

William & Amy Roy


"I had danced quite a bit before I came to take classes with Phillip. I have never felt as comfortable learning new steps or felt as good doing steps I had already known, before these classes. I highly recommend Phillip Fusaro if you are looking for a fun and quality dance experience." — William Roy

Adina Galan


"I was blessed to have Phillip Fusaro as my first dance instructor. Learning to dance has been a life-long dream, which came true thanks to Phillip's unwavering commitment to helping me succeed. He has a gift for teaching and a unique approach that helps overcome my hesitations and fears. I have been happier and healthier since I have begun dancing. I have lost weight, and become more flexible, balanced, and coordinated. My mood and outlook have improved. I know that I will never give up dancing. Although I had no experience with dancing or music, after a few months with Phillip, I was comfortable dancing nine dances, four at competition level. Dancing with him is the best decision and investment I ever made. Thank you, Phillip!" —Adina Galan

Leslie Falconi & Billy Walker


"I met Phillip when I was attending my monthly Salsa group dance at Cross Keys Vineyard and we all noticed him because he was such a GREAT dancer. Later,  I found out that he actually was a professional dancer who teaches full time. So, me and 2 girlfriends booked him for a private group lesson at my house.

When he arrived, he was professional and began showing us the basics of the Salsa and then the Rumba. We all 3 loved the experience and felt that we picked up some good pointers to enhance our basic dance skills. I would highly recommend Phillip to teach you dance no matter what your dance ability may be - from beginner to more advanced." — Leslie Falconi

At Dance Room Collective we believe people are more than just what you see.

Each person is uniquely made by a Creator, with their own unique creative skills & interests.

Skills & interests that can be uniquely expressed, enjoyed, and expanded through partnership dance.

That is why we don't just want to teach our students dance. We want to connect with them and to others, to enable them to live the experience, in our Dance Rooms and an inclusive community they can call their own!