Community Classes!

An overview of our current classes!*

*All listed classes are Foundational 1. A Foundational 2 or Transitional class is offered in the following 45-minute block, these classes are open to individuals who are comfortable with the basics of the particular style of dance offered. To sign up for one of these, please click here!


Monday Evening Salsa (6:00-6:45)

Salsa is a Latin social dance from Cuba with energetic body styling and flair. Salsa music is a mix of French and African rhythms, bringing horns and drums together to create this upbeat music.


Monday Evening Bachata (7:30-8:15)

Bachata is a Latin social dance from the Dominican Republic with fluid body styling and a sensual or romantic undertone.

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Wednesday Evening Ladies Styling Team*

Join our ladies for a styling session, work on choreography, bond with the Dance Room ladies, and improve your styling for various social and cub dances!

*We recommend coming weekly to receive the full benefit of styling sessions.

Tuesday Evening West Coast Swing (8:00-8:45)

West Coast Swing is an American Social Dance with a fluid and playful connection between the partners, it’s gooey movements mesh well with multiple modern music styles.

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Thursday Evening East Coast Swing (6:00-6:45)

East Coast Swing is an American social dance with a carefree attitude and varied footwork. This dance is often done to big band music, but newer music styles often pair well with its fast movements.


Thursday Evening Kizomba (7:00-7:45)

Kizomba is an African social dance from Angola with Portuguese influence. The Urban Kiz style uses smooth and intentional movements and a close embrace to create a powerful choreography to the intense African and electronic beats that mark it’s music.