Meet the Cohort!


Our cohort adheres to four core values in their work with the Collective.

Perseverance, Charisma, Compassion, Humility

We grow ourselves to bring better community opportunities to you, and we want you to know that.

Who are we?

Phillip Fusaro, Founder/Instructor

Phillip is our founder and is responsible for all of our dance and client services, as well as team development and performances.

It is Phillip’s mission to bring dance to all individuals, starting with Harrisonburg. His experience teaching students of all ages has prepared him for just that.

“What could a united community of 80,000 individuals do to change the world in which they live? I am happy God has given me this opportunity to build community here in Harrisonburg."

--Phillip Fusaro


Erin Fusaro, Founder/Manager

Erin is responsible for our outreach and community development, as well as our child care service development.

It is Erin’s mission to see friendships and real connection form as a result of our work here at the Collective. Her experience has equipped her to drive that forward into reality.

“I believe in a philosophy of individual creativity and friendship. I see our vision for Harrisonburg changing lives in such a powerful way. And it is awesome!"