Meet the Team!


Our team adheres to four core values.

Humility, Charisma, Compassion, Perseverance

Valeria Eshleman-Robles, Instructor/Choreography Director

Valeria directs all choreography for events and in house.

She enjoys seeing how dance can influence and improve a person's life at all of its various stages. Presently she teaches the Reggaeton and After Office Exercise classes!

“I believe that the most significant side of dance is communication - the creation of bonds between people regardless of the age, gender or culture. I would love to share my culture and dance experiences while I connect with people from Harrisonburg, which I now call my home.”

--Valeria Eshleman-Robles

Deion Porter, Instructor/Class Director

Deion directs all classes in house.

It is Deion's mission to spread the joy of dance to all individuals. His experience and love for teaching classes inspires him to make sure everyone is having fun! Presently he teaches the Bachata and East Coast Swing classes, and dj’s a Latin & Club Party once a month.

"Dancing improves physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being! This makes me wonder why not dance? To further well-being for others, I believe in creating a dance environment where people are safe, comfortable, and can have fun."

--Deion Porter

Erin Fusaro, Artistic Director

Erin is responsible for branding, social media, and decor at the dance room.

It is Erin’s mission to see deep friendships and real connection form as a result of our work here at the Dance Room. Her experience has equipped her to drive that forward.

“I believe in a philosophy of individual creativity and friendship. I see our vision for Harrisonburg changing lives in such a powerful way. And it is awesome!"   

--Erin Fusaro

Phillip Fusaro, Instructor/Community Director

Phillip directs the dance room’s networking with the Harrisonburg community.

His mission is to bring dance to those who don’t already enjoy it’s warmth. His love of people and laughter aids in that mission. Presently he teaches the West Coast Swing, Kizomba, and Zouk classes, and dj’s a Latin & Club and the Swouk Parties once a month.

“Everyone deserves to experience the warmth of dancing in a comfortable atmosphere at least once."

--Phillip Fusaro