Policies & Agreements



Dance Room Collective has flexible scheduling hours on six separate days to ensure that our clients’ need to cancel lessons is minimal, and rescheduling is optimal. When a client does need to reschedule we allow rescheduling or cancellation anytime up to 24 hours from the appointment. If a client does need to cancel within that 24-hour period, we charge 50% of our regular lesson rate. No charge is incurred if the lesson is rescheduled within the calendar week.


In the event a client schedules a lesson, Dance Room Collective will confirm 24-hours before. If a student does miss a lesson without informing Dance Room Collective of the need to miss we will charge the full rate of a regular lesson. If a client reaches us prior to or during the time of their lesson to reschedule we charge 50% of our regular lesson rate.


Dance is a movement based activity, our staff is trained to teach students to move in the healthiest way possible to ensure safe, beneficial interactions while dancing. Accidents can still occur. Dance Room Collective maintains a liability policy for protection of our staff and clients. We do everything we possibly can to ensure our clients remain safe during their time with us or at our facilities. Every client is asked to sign a liability release agreement with us in order to partake in lessons, classes, parties, and community events.


At Dance Room Collective we are pleased to bring community to the Valley through partnership dance. Photos and videos of group classes, parties, and events are produced to share our community with others, as such our clients may be found to appear in those productions. We respect the privacy of our individuals and will seek permission before using productions, where our clients are the focal subject in any photo or video before using these to promote our community to others on social media or through other mediums. Every client must sign a photo & video release agreement with us in order to partake in lessons, classes, parties, and community events. No client shall in any way own, receive compensation for, or have rights to the photos and videos produced, wherein their person may appear. By signing in at one of our community classes, parties, or events you agree to this release.


Clients and parties wishing to use facilities of Dance Room Collective for reasons other than scheduled classes, lessons, parties, or events must coordinate with the owner or a manager receive permissions and fill out a facilities use form and agree to abide by our other standing policies, in order to gain permissions to use or reserve space. Fees for facility use are applicable based on the purpose and duration of use.


In the digital age, privacy is a relevant concern. At Dance Room Collective our policy on your data & information is that all information voluntarily given to us by you is your own, and you have only given it to us for the purpose of receiving information or connecting with our dance community. Therefore, we do not use your information for any other purpose, it remains safely with us, and is used for only the reasons it may be asked. No third party will ever be given your information except as required by law in the case of governing agencies or organizations, or with your express permission for registration to community events hosted by other businesses in cooperation with us.