Social Partnership & Club Dance.

The hottest dance spot in Harrisonburg city, right downtown!

Community through dance. On your time, at the best price.

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Personalized Lessons

We provide quality learning with a personalized format. More than 20 dances from which to choose!

Start learning dance from the “foundation” and learn to dance with creative “innovation.” Available for individuals and couples!

Dance weekly, focus on one or more dances, with personal attention from one of our team. Make it yours!


Upcoming Classes

Community classes and events happen every night.

Learn to dance with old friends and new!


Weddings & Events

Dance often accompanies celebrations and festivities.

Most of us are unsure how to do it right, and are afraid of embarrassment.

Let us help you and your guests with a fun and comfortable crash course during the festivities!


Seize your dreams.

Partnership dance has many benefits.

Find out what they are, and how our team can help you experience them!